Christmas is everybody’s favourite time of the year, and at Pâtisserie Tillemont we have been celebrating it for nearly 40 years. Every year, we try and offer exciting new products. One of our favourites this year are our delicious fondant cookies. Each is hand-crafted by our talented decorators and sold individually or in a pre-packaged box of 4 or 9. Also, you have to try our chocolate mint cream that is in our gift box cakes, it is a unique flavour that blends superbly with our light and delicious chocolate sponge. Each gift box cake and ornament cake come in 3 vibrant christmas colours: red, blue and green. Asides from the newer products, Pâtisserie Tillemont still offers the classic specialties such as soft and hard torronnes, panettones and christmas logs. Though again, we take the logs to a new level, we still maintain the traditional flavours such as chocolate ganache, vanilla strawberry and semi-freddo, but we added to them with flavours like Nutella and chocolate mousse with a homemade buy generic zolpidem brownie. Those are definitely something to take a look at.


If you are like us and plan to cook for a large family, let Pâtisserie Tillemont help you cater to your loved ones. Check out our catering section for some ideas on cold party platters or if you are looking to order some of our other products like cookies, pastries and cakes simply give us a call to order everything you need. Don’t forget that everything is made in-house and always fresh.


And finally, if you are looking for a great gift idea, check out Pâtisserie Tillemont Gift Baskets, they are filled with amazing products imported from Italy such as fine olive oils, spreads and jams, panettones and some Tillemont products such as pound cakes, truffles and much more. We also deliver so you don’t have to.


Below are some pictures of our 2013 Christmas products, check back to see new ones added before the holidays. If you want to download our flyer, click here.


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