Italian Delicacies

From beautiful Italy straight to your plate

Italy is renowned for its food and at Pâtisserie Tillemont, we want you to experience the best of it. Here is a list of different terms found throughout the website with an explanation to help you better understand what they are.

Borsette: Italian for “purse”, this has a doughnut-like wrap filled with Pâtisserie Tillmont’s famous  ricotta filling and deep fried. After it cools down, it has a crunchy/creamy taste with every bite.

Cassata Sicilianna: A white sponge cake filled with Pâtisserie Tillemont ricotta covered with Marzipan and decorated with mini ricotta cannolis.

Pignulatie: A homemade soft bread filled with pieces of Italian sausage marinated in olive oil and black peppers cooked in the oven until golden brown. Each will fit in the palm of your hand and is great for a quick snack. (An alternative is to replace Italian sausage with pitted black olives)

Spingiunie: Think of a pizza you eat like a sandwich! A special homemade pizza dough filled with Italian sausage, onions and marinated potatoes. This is perfect way to impress your guests with food straight from Sicily. (An alternative is to replace italian sausage with pitted black olives)

Schiacciata: Similar to the spingiunie; however, this is much thinner and is filled with onions and an assorted of Italian herbs and spices.

Savoiardi cookies: A Piemontese specialty that resemble lady fingers, though they’re about twice as thick. In addition to being eaten as is, they figure prominently in many desserts.

Tiramisù: A very traditional Italian desert cake, we start with 2 layers of white sponge filled with a special homemade filling surrounded with fresh Savoiardi cookies.