Single-Tier Cakes

1-tier cakes with a custom design

Sometimes a 2 or 3 tier fondant cake is too much or is over your budget, if so, then Pâtisserie Tillemont offers Single-Tier Cakes. They are smaller cakes with designs that range from Star Trek to High Heels, cakes with zebra prints and leopard prints, cakes that have bows and cakes that have stars. These decorations have enough elements to wow any special person and to make his or her day something to remember. A fun aspect is to combine different decorations from different cakes and make your perfect design. Say you like the bow from the cake “Paola’s Bow” and the banner from “Purple with 90th Demask” and want to add that special flower from the cake “The Flower”, that is something we can accomplish within a short timeframe.

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