Why Choose Tillemont ?

Cake is made to enjoy with your eyes and your belly

Montreal has a long list of cake decorators, bakeries and pastry shops.  However, there are only a select few that specialize in all three; and Pâtisserie Tillemont is one of them.

With over 35 years of experience, we have the knowledge to offer our customers the freshest cakes filled with the best tasting creams. Chocolate ganache, Chantilly cream, Ricotta and Ferrero Rocher are just a few of Tillemont’s renowned flavors.  Our vanilla, chocolate and red velvet sponges are the perfect buy ambien 10 mg compliment and will have everybody fighting for the last slice of cake.

Since we are a retail store, our Head Pastry Chef and his team of assistants have all the necessary tools and the proper working environment to ensure that every order receives the proper dedication it deserves.

Unlike most cake decorators, we do not have a minimum dollar requirement for each cake, we do not ask for orders months in advance, simply a couple of weeks, and our consultations are always free.

So next time you wish to celebrate a wedding, birthday party or any other special occasion, remember that Pâtisserie Tillemont is the only place that will make your cake taste just as good as it looks.